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Day #1 (Detox Challenge)

Hey beautiful ladies so I am glad to officially be back, I checked out and I just checked myself back in and  I am ready to be the determined, passionate, and focused Tina who started this journey several months ago. Like the beautiful Aalyiah once said " If at first you don't succeed dust yourself off and try again" and I am doing just that. Thank you all for your encouragement because it has really motivated me to continue and not give up. I am so happy to start this Detox Challenge because it has always helped me regain my strength with my relationship with food not to mention help me loose an excessive amount of weight in a short period of time. At this moment I need as much of a boost to get me back to my lowest weight in which was 188 lbs as of two weeks ago. Looking back at my pictures and videos I now can tell how much smaller my faced looked then. Unfortunately with my moments of weakness and emotional eating I can tell that I gained weight because of how chubby my face looks now. My face is the first place that I gain weight and I hate that then again it is my wake up call. It is depressing but I did this to myself so all I can do is refocus and change this. I know that in a few weeks I will be back at 188 lbs and even smaller. I weighed myself this morning and I am 194 lbs so yes that is +3 lbs : ( seeing this number made me realize how much harder I must work to loose the amount weight I gained plus the weight I want to loose to get to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs. I know most of it is water weight because my sodium intake has been high with in the last few days. Today is a new day and I am ready to move forward. My Detox for the first week will be the refined Detox which limits my Carb intake to 25g of Carbs and an unlimited amount of fruit, vegetables, and protein. The second week I plan to have enough control to cut my Carb intake to 0 and go back to 25g a day and continue that cycle. My Detox will be for two weeks but as I explained it will be broken up by each week. Once I complete one full week of detoxing I will then go straight into a Strict Detox. The third and fourth week will be slightly different but I will let you all know the details once I start week number three.

I plan to blog daily or every other day. At the end of my completion of week number two which will be on Thursday November 24,2011 I will reveal my total weight loss. Until then I will no longer weigh myself, my main focus is to complete this detox and exercise aswell.

Today was very challenging for me because these last few weeks I have had whatever I wanted. I am craving Carbs but I am mentally fighting through and distracting myself with other thoughts. My stomach is growling like crazy and I have not heard that sound in awhile so I know my body is fighting right now and I have to continue so I can be successful on this challenge.

Breakfast- 100 Calorie Bagel and 0 Calorie Butter
Lunch- Banana Fruit Smoothie
Dinner- Grilled Chicken & Brocolli With Cheese
Snack- Cheese Stick

*Drink H20 Only

Exercise- 45 Minutes Kukuwa Dance DVD

I work tonight and the great thing is I walk alot so thats even more calories I will burn.

Sidebar :) I am so excited because my make up palettes and some other goodies should be arriving in the mail Friday so I plan to do a haul vlog soon :)