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New Day Ahead And It's That Time Again (Detox)

Hey Luvs, so it is that time again and I can not stress how much detoxing is the best thing to do when you want to regain yourself and loose weight. Many of you who follow my blog know that Detoxing has been a vital role in my weight loss journey. I have always detoxed for atleast once a month for a week at minimum. It is hard the first few days but it does get easier and help build up your strength and relationship with food. Detoxing has always helped me loose weight, given me extra energy, and helped me refocus on loosing weight.

I will repost below the process I undergo while detoxing and for many of you who are interested I suggest trying it because you can loose between 5-10 lbs in one week in some cases more but it just depends.

I plan to report to you all daily or every other day how I feel and what exactly I ate through out the day. I plan to Detox for one week at a time for as long as I can. What I plan to do is completing a week then going back to eating in moderation for a day or two then continuing to  detox for a week and follow that process. Honestly I truly need this purification because my relationship with food needs some alteration and detoxing will help me get back on track. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and plan to weigh myself weekly. My focus right now is getting back to eating right and continuing to exercise.

Detoxing has been a key component to my weight loss. I detox atleast once a month. Below I will list how to detox and how to make a Fruit smoothie.

Hey everyone so I wanted to make an updated post to clarify what  I eat when I detox. I will detox every other week until I get to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs. I have detoxed plenty of times and each time I have managed to loose a minimum of - 5 lbs and a maximum of - 8 lbs in one week.It is hard the first few days but it gets easier with time.

Detox Rules

  • No complex Carbs which comes from processed foods.
  • Eat an unlimited amount of Fruits, Vegetables, and Protein.
  • Drink alot water
  • Do not starve yourself
Meal Break Down
Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie, eggs & bacon or sausage, or fruit of choice no limits.

Lunch& Dinner: Fruit Smoothie, Chicken Salad, Tuna Fish Salad, or any Protein and Vegetable of Choice.

Snack: A piece of cheese, fruit, or vegetable of choice.

I an unlimited amount of water, Shake & Go Flavored Juice Packets, & Sparkling Water.

Detox Tips

The main objective is to practically cut down your Carbohydrate intake. I do make certain exceptions to Carbs and that is from the Whip Cream that I use on top of my Fruit Smoothie.

If at anytime you want to have Carbs make sure it is under 25g. 

If you decide to stay with in the 25g of Carbs limit yourself to certain foods such as Junk Food. Instead have Low Fat/Low Carb Yogurt ,Pudding, or Peanuts. (Limit yourself to one per day) Consider it a small treat.

Do not overdue it with cheese because it can stall your weight. One piece of cheese at maximum or one serving size.

If you follow this you should loose atleast -5 lbs with in one week. To loose more weight eat less than the 25g of Carbs. The very first time I Detoxed I lost - 8 to - 9 lbs. Since I usually detox once a month I have noticed I now can only loose 4 - 5 lbs maximum. Since I plan to Detox every other week it will be interesting to see how much weight I will loose. 

*Stay away from Soda if you must have Sparkling Water. I limit myself to one a day and split it in half. One half  in the morning and the onther in the evening.

I have not been successful Detoxing for more than one week, which is why I am alternating.

Fruit Smoothie

It  is a great meal replacement. It tastes good and makes you feel full at the same time. It also supplies you with the nutrients your body needs.
I make my Fruit Smoothies simple just because it is so easy to add a lot of extra ingredients and turn into a high calorie meal and I don't want that.

Fruit Smoothie Recipe
  • One cup of Skim Milk/ Fat Free Milk/ or Soy Milk
  • One cup of Fruit or a handful of your Fruit of choice(Mixed Fruit Platters are great)
  • I add both the Milk and Fruit into the Blender
  • I blend until all of the contents are liquified in to a rich creamy smoothie
  • I then add Light WhipCream on the top
  • Then enjoy


tharjye said…
thanks for reposting!
TinaDiva said…
@tharjye no problem hun
Operation6 said…
This totally seems like something I could do lol. question: are you saying to stay under 25 grams of carbs a day? cuz I don't see how thats possible eating an unlimited amount of fruits as they are naturally higher in sugar/carbs
TinaDiva said…
@Operation6 Yes including fruits what I meant by unlimited is by having fruit or vegetables when you are hungry opposed to heavy starches or carbs. Even with 25 g of carbs I count everything and try to eat fruits low in carbs so that I can stay with in my 25 g maximum. I am pretty basic so I eat bananas and tangerines so it seems like its as much as I want but on the detox I do not eat like crazy.