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Body Shaper For Weight Loss

Hey luvs so I went to Walmart today and I purchased a Tank Top Style Body Shaper for $19.99. The main purpose in purchasing one is because as I am loosing weight I want support and more of a defined shape in my clothing. My stomach is one of the areas I need work in and I have heard that Body Shaper is perfect for that along with loosing inches. Initially I was interested in the Body Magic but when I saw the price I decided to  look for a more economical option and of course Walmart was my best option. The Body Shaper is similar but the price creates a huge distinction in my eyes. I tried on both a size Large and a size Medium. The Large fit but it just wasn't form fitting. The size medium was form fitting and I decided to purchase it. I suggest anyone who purchases one to get a size smaller than your regular dress size.

More Info About Benefits Of The Tank Top Style Body Shaper

With Adjustable Straps it is a superior body shaper that accelerates weight loss trough high compression, perspiration and micro massage. This girdle helps you get the figure you always wanted by instantly lifting, shaping and slimming the body and flattening your stomach, waist and hips. To loose weight and reduce waist measurements, it is recommended to wear the girdle between 8 to 10 hours a day. The Slimming Thermal Vest is the only clinically proven girdle that helps reduce waist measurements from 1 to 4 inches within 30 days.

For extra comfort, this shaper is made with latex fabric. The Vest features a front hook and eye closure, adjustable straps and an exclusive lace design allowing your breast to be in a free and comfortable position. The foundation pieces of the bodysuit are soft and comfortable. The Slimming Thermal Vest - Firm Control reduces immediately your waist and tummy by 1 to 2 sizes while improving your posture. Its firm compression helps the body to eliminate localized and stored fat. By anatomical design, the brief adheres to your body whit ease, as if it were simply another layer of skin.

For a better fit, it is recommended to initially use the shaper during two hours a day while your body adapts to it, and to increase this time once you feel more comfortable with the garment. This body shaper is comfortable and easy to wear as active everyday underwear worn underneath any type of clothing (from body-tight fashions to loose/baggy fashion styles). The flat sewn seams ensure that no seams will show through under your clothing. Due to the "memory" fabric used, this corset will mold to your body shape and adapt to your weight, while always returning to its original shape once the body shaper is removed. Even if you gain or lose weight, the shapewear garment will not be stretched out and will have a 100% recovery time. For maximum comfort, the fabric of the corset is made of advanced powernet fabric and 100% brushed cotton lining that enables this shapewear garment to stretch both horizontally and vertically.

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Miss Dre said…
I need one of these. I have the one that looks like a long line bra and I hate it. None of them fit right in the chest area so I went with the one that fit the best. I should have gotten one that I could wear my actual bra with.

I will be going to Walmart to pick this baby up soon!!
Glo said…
this sounds like a great investment! I love my spanx though!Sn: you know what kills me, women especially plus sized women not wearing shapewear! even Beyonce wears it!
Operation6 said…
Darn it, I was just at Walmart yesterday buying a microwave! lol guess I gotta go back
TinaDiva said…
@missdre I wore today for my entire workshift I love and it gives great support and its not noticeable at all. For $19.99 you can not go wrong :)

@Glo I agree lol I cant stand to see girls with their rolls and stomach hanging low. A body shaper is a woman's best friend I love it.I used to wear spanks but when I wear certain things it rolls down lol. I like this one because its perfect under tank tops and dresses or everyday clothing. I can still wear cute undies also. This is just to cover the tummy.

@Operation6 yes this shaper is bomb :)
Miss Dre said…
Tina, hunni, I had to come back and let you know I grabbed one of these bad boys from my local Walmart!!! I am happy with my purchase. Thanks for putting me on =)
TinaDiva said…
@MissDre lol no prob sweetie yes this is much better than the other Shape Wear that is itchy and uncomfortable lol.
Just Daisy said…
I also have a similar body shaper like yours but I'll be honest, I don't wear it 24/7. I want to for all the advantages you mentioned.

I guess I just need to give my body time to adjust and become more comfortable with it on

TinaDiva said…
@Daisy yes it takes time to get comfortable with it but it is worth the long term benefits.
I would like to introduce you to a product that I have been using. ITWORKS!