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Day #5 Detox Challenge

Hey everyone so I am still on the Detox and I am so ready for Thursday for my first week weigh in. I have managed to not weigh myself because I want to see the final number on Day 7. So far I have regained strength eating healthy and working out. Thursday I plan to take a break from Detoxing and switch to Calorie and Food Moderation. I plan to purchase either Smart One Meals and Lean Cuisine Meals for Breakfast and Lunch. For Dinner I plan eat Protein and Vegetables. As for a snack I plan to have a low calorie snack. I will go grocery shopping this week and show you all what I purchased. I feel that I have more control of my cravings and I am ready to get back into the real world of eating. Many of you can date back to my first month on my Summer Challenge where I did the same exact plan . It worked really well for me and I managed to loose atleast - 2 lbs a week.


Febeh said…
Good plan... Get it hunnie
Operation6 said…
Solid plan, good luck!
Just Daisy said…
Very awesome plan!

I will be doing something just as strict to get myself focused again.

Turning 21 I went on a crazy spiral of uncontrolled calorie counting lol

I'm ready to get back on track and I see that you are too!

tharjye said…
Way to go keep doing your thang!
TinaDiva said…
@Febeh thanks hunnie
@Operation6 thanks luv
@Daisy yes girlie you can do it and it is a great way to get back on track
@tharjye thanks sweetie