Weekly Wrap Up and New Goals For The New Week of 05/27/12

Hey my luvs, so I am back with a quick weekly update. This week was a great week up until yesterday. Although I had a moment I still managed to keep myself in line by not going overboard. I did loose a few pounds and that made me really happy. I worked out several times this week but not as much as I orginally planned to. My work pants is still snug on me so I know I need to workout more so I can see and feel the inches fall off. I use my work pants as an indication if I lost weight or not because it is a size 12. It fits but is extremley snug around the tummy area. This week I plan to increase my work out plan and stick to it. It is getting beyond hot and I have felt so  irritable especially due to the thought of redoing my hair. Anywho this blog is really short see you all next week.