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Blog Luvs I am Officially Back/Updates 05/12)

I'm Back

Hey luvs, I know I have not posted a real blog in a really long time, and I really apologize about that. Summer is almost here and I will have so more time to make blogs.  Since the end of last summer I have been working full time overnight and going to school and my schedule has been really crazy. As you all know I like my blog posts to be thorough and this is also another reason why I  haven't had  time to make a real blog especially with the limited time that I have had. In the meantime I found it easier to quickly upload YT videos time to time and also post Instagram photos so that I can atleast try to stay some what active. So if you haven't yet please follow me so that when I am not on here as much you know where to find me lol.

Anyway I am still working on getting to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs. I am almost there and it feels great actually. It is truly a surreal experience of how much progress that I have made thus far. I can finally see the results and I also feel it too. Loosing -78 lbs has made me feel like my confidence level has increased so much. I still have my good and bad days but overall I am happy. This is a intro blog to me coming back to blogging more. Just so you all know I will never forget that I started my weight loss journey blogging because of how theraputic it was to get my thoughts out and also helping me loosing weight. You all are the best for even reading my blog and supporting me. Everything I do is because I genuinely want to share my struggles, my story, and to help motivate others.

I used to blog alot,every month posting my goals, thoughts, and inspirations etc.  I really plan to get back into all of that so stay tuned.

Positive Changes Loosing -78 lbs

  • I no longer shop in the plus size section
  • I can shop in most junior clothing stores that I used to window shop in
  • I walk into just about any store with confidence knowing that I can wear alot of the cute things that I dreamed about
  • I fit into a size 12 or 13/14 depending on the fit
  • I also can fit into a medium to large size top or pants
  • My shape has become so much more defined as far as seeing more of a body shape rather then a huge blob of fat
  • I get alot more attention and compliments
  • People often are shocked when they see me and ask me for weightloss tips
  • I have more options when it comes to dating but all of them turn out to be jerks 
  • I have more good days than bad days
  • As I approach my ultimate goal of 160 weight training is a very important aspect I need to focus on aswell because I need alot of work in my stomach and arms
  • My face has slimmed down so much 
  • I love being in onderland and never plan to ever go back 
  • I am almost in the 170's
  •  I went from Double D's to just a D :)

I am so greatful for the changes that I have made and this has not been an overnight process in the least but it is a great experience I needed to go through to appreciate my efforts and hard work to a healthy future.

Love you all :)


Glo said…
I'm glad you're back Tina!!! I miss reading your post! and you have an overwhelming amount of success and you should continue to blog about it so others can gain motivation!
Christina said…
Hey Tina, WASSUP! [George Lopez voice] Lol. You look beautiful. I'm glad you came back. I can definetily see the changes in your face. Lol I love the last picture where you're puckering your lips. Go chick. ;@)

Love you

TinaDiva said…
@Glo thanks luv
@Christina lol awww thanka and girl so proud of you also your on it in my (Gina from Martin voice) You go gurl lol
Christina said…
You go gurl! And thanks ;@). I have to keep my eyes out for you... If I turn my head you might leave. Looking forward to more of you.

@Christina ;p [even on blogger you keep it so twitter lol jk ilikee]
Hi Tina,
I'm so happy I ran across your motivational video that you refer to in the start of this video.I searched to find out more about you and landed here. You have such a presence and a realness that keep people interested in what you are saying because we can relate to the situations you describe as you bare your soul in an all out effort to help others. I feel it and I appreciate it as do many others, I'm sure! You have done a fantastic job in your weight loss journey thus far and you look great! I applaud your efforts. Please continue what you are doing. I am a fan. You have truly motivated me with your words and accomplishments.I am on a weight loss journey of my own and your words have helped me take yet another step. Thank you. I have lost 100 pounds so far and was taken off of a variety of medications due to the weight loss.My diabetes is now diet-controlled; no more insulin injections five times daily, I no longer have to take high blood pressure or high cholesterol medicines and I no longer suffer from sleep apnea, I quit smoking cigarettes and now eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and exercising have become a lifestyle for me. I still weigh 300 pounds and have a ways to go so keep the motivation coming!!
Here's a link about my story if you want to take a look...
P.S. I also featured one of your videos in one of my weight loss video that is...hope you like. :-)
I kept with your pink star theme. How did you do that? (video transitions)
Your new fan,
Thaddious Thomas
TinaDiva said…
@Christina LOL

@thaddiousthomas Wow thank you so much and your progress is so amazing congrats to you are doing such a greaat job. Keep up the good work you will get there.