01/2015 Healthy Choices (Wrap Obsessed)

Hey my luvs. so today is day seven, which is my weigh in and also my cheat meal of choice. Stay tuned I have a vlog talking about this week's weigh in that will be posted on my blog and youtube channel by tomorrow the latest. I am in the process of uploading and editing as we speak. As you know I am all about healthy choices on this particular weight loss journey no restrictions or too many rules because this is a lifestyle change. I loveeee wrap sandwiches so my one cheat meal I decided to order from a deli on my lunch break and it was amazing. It was a chicken wrap the usual lol. I know you would think I would be tired of wraps since I made  wraps  all week long but I am not surprisingly. It was so good omg. Anyway loves happy eating and stay tuned for a new vlog coming soon. I am about to get settled in my pj's and get ready for my Sunday night shows and wait as my footage is uploaded on my editing software so I can edit it and have the video up for you luvs. As you all know it is a process because first you have to download the footage from the camera to the computer, then from the computer to my editing software, next is to edit it, and finally upload it to youtube. Alot goes into it and I give it up to the youtubers who this on regular basis because it is alot of work. This is a job in itself but I do this because I want to. No motive behind it besides I want to present to you all my journey because anyway that it can help someone I am all for it.

XOXO MissTinaDiva