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06/12 The Good & The Bad

The Good

So my birthday was the twelfth of this month and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some really cool girls I recently befriended. We meet up in the city and went to a Mexican restaurant in Times Square called Chevys. The food was great and they had a great drink special for margaritas :) $5.99. I must say we all truly enjoyed ourselves with tons of laughter and girl talk. The server sang for me and also gave me a free dessert which I gave away to one of the girls due to me feeling guilty if I did have it and how many calories it would be. Afterwards we walked around and did a little bit of shopping. We did alot of walking and it was extremely hot that day. I was so happy to be able to share my birthday with all the girls and have girl time.

The Bad

I have gained weight and it is really obvious, I got on the scale this morning and I am no longer in Onderland officially I am 212 lbs. Wow right? well I am aware and  yes I have fell off track and I have to get back on it so that I can get back to where I left off which was my lowest of 186 lbs. This journey is far from easy but it is how you make the best of it good or bad. You all know that I will always be honest with you all because its a real life situation for me. Most of my clothes are tight on me. I have popped a few zippers in the process or had to struggle with zipping up my pants and this is a huge indication of my weight gain besides my bulging stomach and chubbier face lol. It sucks but it is real and there is no avoiding this any longer. I am fighting to get back on track and it is sooooooo hard but once I get through this week I will be ok. I am so serious this time I will be back with weekly updates especially since I put it out there how I badly I messed up lol. So yes my Luvs it is time to refocus and make my dream a reality.

My Next Goal

My next goal to work towards is to get back to Onderland 199 :) I also hope to work out atleast 4x a week and incorporate Strength training atleast 3x aswell. My arms and stomach needs to gooooooooo a.s.a.p. My next weigh in will be next Sunday and I hope to loose -5 lbs. I know I can do it I just have to fight really hard.

Smooches Tina Diva


Christina said…
Happy Birthday Tina ;@). You're gonna get it off.

Love you,

Janelle Monique said…
Oh no, I know what it feels like to fall off the wagon. I was stuck at 182 for the longest but I kept weighing in and when I saw the scale jump up to 184, I knew I had to get serious! I've been vegan for 2 weeks now with one cheat day and the scale finally dropped to 178.0 this morning! I know you wanna be back below 200 and I believe you're gonna do it!
TinaDiva said…
@christina thanks hunnie
@janelle wow thats amazing I need to try that congratulations to you also.Thanks so much for the support luv. Your doing awesome aswell.