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07/8/12 Weigh In & Good News

Weigh In  & Good News

Ok so my luvs I'm back and thank you so much for being supportive and understanding because this journey is far from easy. The last several months has been hard for me due to pure laziness. Anyway I decided to snap out of my downward spiral and refocus. With that being said I got up to 212 lbs last week and that scared me so much that I started this week with a new attitude to get back on my weight loss journey with no turning back for real this time. I worked out atleast four times this week. I did alot of cardio from the tredmill,elliptical, stairmaster, and alot of walking. I cut my carbs down alot and made more healthier choices. I had a cheat meal or two but overall I did great this week. I fought through thoughts of indulging in bad foods and in the end it really paid off. I feel that I have regained my tolerance to say no and eat in moderation again so yay me.

Anywho I got on the scale this morning and I weighed in at 208 lbs so I lost -4 lbs. I feel great loosing weight again. It is a ego booster for me well in a sense to keep me on track. Those -4 lbs really has made a difference in how I feel and look. My clothes are a little looser and my face is getting small again so I am veryyyyyyyy happy. This Saturday I am going clubbing and plan to wear a fitted dress and I want to look my best so I will be working out everyday. I am also excited to see how much weight that I will loose next week. Anyway luvs thats my update. Hope you all are doing ok and working torwards your weight loss goal aswell.


Glo said…
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Christina said…
T T T Tina. Hey, what's up? I miss you. I went to my blog reader and when I clicked on you, it said you had removed your blog. I was like "What" <;@O . But alas you're still here. How's your summer going?

Hope to see you

TinaDiva said…
@christina hey boo I am here thanks for asking. I have been swamped with work and my blogs are very thorough so that explains why I havent been on and I plan to this week or next week. I am on Instagram & Twitter in the meantime more because it is easier to briefly update @MissTinaDiva. Everything is good I am still doing good just need to give my all in it again but still porgressing, how are you?

btw my blog is still here I just changed the url from tinadivatv to misstinadiva its the same blog.
Christina said…
Hey Tina, ;@). I'm doing good. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing better than at other times. But I believe that in this whole thing God has been the one who has kept me going forward and losing and maintaining my weight. I'm happy that you're still in it. I feel you on the thorough part, my mom thinks I'm too thorough ;@p lol it's cool though.

Keep making money $_$ and losing girl....
>_< *hugs* Christina
Just Daisy said…
Hey Tina!

I am sooo happy for you and your return to the weight loss game. I also had a little set back and am starting anew and it feels great to know that I am not alone. You can do this girl, matter fact I've seen you do this. It's great that your clothes are fitting better and so very inspiring. I wish you good luck and look forward to more news from you girl!

TinaDiva said…
@daisy thanks my luv so happy your back on track aswell we can do it.thanks for the support your so right we can do this . We come so far so we got this.your inspiring lets finished what we started.
Glo said…
Hey Tina Im happy to hear you are back on track! You really are a success and anytime a person can pick themselves up from a downward spiral they display strength and willpower. Keep up the good work and keep more post coming I could definitely use the inspiration cause I've fallen into the downward spiral as well.