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What I Eat In A Day: Low Carb Healthy Edition 08/2017

Hey my luvs so I am back today with a new video showing you all what I eat in a day. As you all know I have had VSG on 09/18/2015 and I am almost 2 yrs post op. I have adapted low carbing along with working out in order to lose weight.  I am almost at - 120 lbs lost and this was a tool I made into a lifestyle change. I like to grocery shop, meal prep, and plan out my meals most of the time. I find it to be very effective in staying on track. I also find that it has been the best for my results with my weight loss.

In this video I share the meals and snacks that I eat in a day including:

Breakfast: Fruit & Granola Oatmeal
Cinnamon & Spice Oatmeal with
0 Calorie Spray Butter
Granola Oats Crunch
Soy Milk
Light Whip Cream

Snacks: 100 Calorie Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar
Fiber One Strawberry Cheescake Bar

Lunch: Creamy Basil Chicken & Broccoli
I added Chopped Unions, Oregano Leaves, & 0 Calorie Spray Butter, & Salt Free Seas…