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2014 New Weight Loss Challenge YT Vlog Updates PT #2

Hey everyone so I am on my new weight loss challenge and wanted to keep you all updated with the latest videos I recorded. I basically just state in the videos that I am starting all over again and plan to be more active so I can stay on track so stay tuned because  I will make a special blog post talking about how I am feeling  with my challenges and  frame of mind etc. I find that as I am embarking on this journey all over again taking a look at my old videos, posts, and picture's it does help me a lot but one thing I wanted to work on is blogging content because I noticed that I didn't really express through words in detail how I felt and how I coped with staying strong during the journey. I know that at this point it feels like everything is new to me and I need a little bit of reassurance. I say that because I  feel that being that  I am in my first phase of my weight loss journey I have nothing to reference through words how to over come this stage until I get to the st…

2014 New Weight Loss Challenge YT Vlog Updates PT #1

Just a recap of my first attempt to loose weight for 2014 in January. I lost -13 lbs. at the conclusion of the challenge. Unfortunately I gained weight since then but I have a new challenge and I will update you all as often as I can.