Time To Regroup And Start Over

Hey Luvs so I have decided to regroup and work on getting back on track. When I first started my weight loss journey at 260 lbs I had so much pain which is what drove me to start a weight loss journey. I used my pain as the strength to accomplish my first weight loss goal of 200 lbs. With the ups and downs overall I have managed to get down to my lowest of 188 lbs two weeks ago. From that point I managed to go up and down with my weight. I am now 191 lbs but once again for the last two days since my weigh in on Sunday I have resorted back to eating out of comfort. I do recognize what I am doing and that is why I am reaching out and sharing my thoughts with you all .

Loosing - 69 to - 72 lbs this year is a huge accomplishment for me. I have watched myself transform in so  many ways and this has been just half the battle. You all know that my main goal is to get down  to 160 lbs so my focus is to get there with in the next few months. I am going back to the basics of where I first started. I remember being so driven and I took this journey one step at a time and let the weight just fall off. I am going back to that state of mind because it is what I need to get to my ultimate weight goal. Thank you all for coming along with me through this journey from the ups and downs because this process is one of the hardest journeys to undergo. You can not go into to this journey with unrealistic expectations because this process is very long and it takes so much out of you because it is a huge lifestyle change. It is so easy to go back to old habits but it is even harder to learn new habits and that is what is challenging about it. If you really want something you will do what ever it takes to make that change and anyone on this journey can attest to that.

Everyone around us may not have the same intentions but we must be confident in ourselves to be able to stand on our own to accomplish our goals and that is for any goal not just a weigh loss goal. I am my worst critic and I am working on learning to not put so much pressure on myself although it is really hard for me.  Transitional Vanity is a process that takes time and I have seen the growth but I am not where I want to be. I know I will be in due time and I have to be patient. This journey may be easier for some and difficult for others. Everyone's journey is different and that is the main component to understand. I often find myself in a competition and is my set back.

Tomorrow I will start all over and I plan to blog daily my thoughts and how my day went in order to make myself accountable for staying focused. When I first started my Summer Weight Loss Summer Challenge at 247 lbs in April . I blogged daily and it helped me so much and that is how I was able to go five months with no cheats and I was able to loose a minimum of 10 lbs a month resulting in my Summer overall weight loss of -55 lbs. I am so ready to get back to being so focused. I started my  Summer Weight Loss Challenge staying away from looking in the mirror so that I wouldn't get frustrated with my progress. I admit that latley when I look in the mirror I find myself feeling frustrated again even with my weight loss. I believe that this is one of the biggest reason why I have resorted back to emotional eating. At times I question if loosing this amount of weight really made a difference in my appearance. Fact is I still see a chubby face, fat arms, and a big stomach. My inner insecurities question me overall progress and aside from the negativity I have experienced from a few family members I know these are all triggers in my recent down fall.

We all have a testimony and my testimony is I have been put down by my own family saying how fat  and unattractive I was and that was the reason I ran to food. I used that to loose the weight and accomplishing my first weight loss goal made me realize that I will still face the same issues and it is not me with the problem it is them. I can not be a victim to people who hate themselves. I know it is jealousy and I refuse to be a their victim. It would make them smile if I went back to my heaviest weight and I refuse to let that happen. I vow to work on getting back on track because I am fighting for my happiness and that is all that matters.


uks said…
I am soooooo happy to read this post!
You will be fine. I know it and I look forward to seeing you at 160!

TinaDiva said…
@UKS thanks so much and your comment on my other post really motivated me so thank you :)
tharjye said…
Hello Tinadiva i came across your blog this morning an read from beginning to end and in that bit of time you have motivated to make a change i am currentky at 252.4 and i would love to accomplish what you have so far i am definitely a follower of your blog now i would like to do the detox can you plz post what you eat for breakfast lunch dinner and snack while you on the detox wish i saw your blog when you first started so that i could have gone on this amazing journey with you lookinf forward to your response thanks alot!
TinaDiva said…
@tharjye thanks so much and I appreciate you taking the time out to even read my blog. I know how you feel I started around your weight range and if I can do it you can too. It is not too late.

This is a direct link to a recent post I did on detoxing.


Here is a link to how I make a Fruit Smoothie which is a staple in the detox if you want to have option with fruit.


You can do it :)
Glo said…
Tina you have done a great job and have come along way! I hate to say this but those family members that said those awful things to u are poison! and you should use that same motivation again to get off the rest of the lbs to your goal. Girl its crazy how family can be the worst ppl! but their human too (not exclusions). dust the dirt off and keep it movin
TinaDiva said…
@Glo thanks hun and your so right and I plan to be the strong person that I am and go back to not caring what they think and using that pain and channel it out in through working out and eating right. It really is crazy but they will have to deal with looking at their own reflection which is not pretty.
tharjye said…
Thank you very much for the info i am definitely doing this you keep doing what you doing an keep posting an i will definitely keep following......thanks again!
Operation6 said…
I almost cried reading your post, it hits VERY close to home. I am so happy you've found the strength to get back on track but get back to doing this for Y-O-U and not from the pressure of your family, your insecurities or even those you inspire. The weight WILL come off hun, you've already proven you can do it so just pray on it. This post also got me thinking about blogging daily so thanks for the inspiration I always seem to get from your post.
TinaDiva said…
@Operation6 awwwwwwwww thanks so much and everything your saying is weighing in on me so deep. You know how it is and thats why we can relate so thank you. You should because it will help I used to blog daily when I first started and that is the main reason why I never had moments to cheat. I always came here to blog how I felt which helped me and I am going back to that. You can do it your trying to get to 170 and I am trying to get to 160 we almost there and have came so far.