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2015 Weight Loss Motivation (Blast From The Past)

I wanted to show you all what I am working towards for 2015. These pictures are a blast from the past and its crazy to think how hard I worked for my old body but I didn't appreciate it the way I should have and here I am at my heaviest wishing I can turn back time. Nonetheless I am my own motivation. I know the potential of my body and I am happy I documented my progress before because I have something to reference rather than going into this blindly not knowing how I would look. When they say weight can deform you or reform you it is so true. With my weight gain it has taken away the features that I used to love such as the structure and definition in my face and the roundness of my butt and firmness of my legs. All of these memories are things of the past but soon to be present, 2015 I am ready for you so get ready.
This is me at my heaviest I am too embarrassed to say how much I weigh but what I will tell you is I am seventy two pounds away from wonderland and that is my first ultimate goal so wish me good luck because I need it for sure. Everything has multiplied form my chest, thighs, stomach, arms, butt, I'm wider, heavier, my body aches, I am just over being fat shall I go on? Lol 

My current body stats:

XOXO MissTinaDiva