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12/2014 Over It (Done With It)

I'm one of those type of people who don't have patience for people who say one thing and do another. I would like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and believe everything you say but at the same time if you can not show and prove when you need to then I'm over you and everything that you represent and its just that simple. My pride is everything which can be a good thing or bad thing but I refuse to let you feel like you have the upper hand over me especially if you are trying to play me. So once I have my facts and see what I need to then I'm gone no questions asked. My issue is with people trying to sell me a dream knowing that its all lies. Why the effort and time into something you really don't want. Time is precious so please let's not waste it. Daily I'm being reminded by certain individuals why I can't have them in my life because they are not genuine. I'm ecstatic when the signs are evident right then and there because there are no emotional feelings attached which makes it easier to cut you off and out my life . I love someone who is honest even if it hurts just look me in my eyes and tell me how you really feel because I would do the same. This last instance sparked  me to write this because I have been trying to let it go in my head but clearly I need a vent session to let it go on this open forum. What I will say is I'll get the last laugh no I will not harm anyone because that is not my style I mean when we bump into each other again you'll take a look at me and regret what you could of had because of your child like behavior. God blessed me with this lesson and keeping you out of my life for the better so thank you God.It is just hilarious now how you want to push my buttons for a reaction the most reaction you'll get is silence and for me to continue to brush you off. I will not engage in going back and forth just for a reaction  you wont get it nope not from me. Your lies are contradictions and quite amusing carry on because you look and sound like a clown.

XOXO MissTinaDiva