12/2014 Current Mood & (New Goals)

Hey my luvs, so it is New Years Eve and I have some free time and decided to blog. I am feeling quite sluggish. Quick frankly I am realizing the medicine I am taking for my high thyroid level has me feeling even more tired and irritable. So I am deciding to blog to get myself out of this mood that I am in at the moment. I will explain more about that on my vlog that will be coming out this week or next week. I was wondering if I should just do it next week because I will have more to add to the vlog because I haven't vlogged to much this week. The goal is to vlog bi weekly for time constraint purposes and footage wise. I am promising to blog several times a week so there is a even balance.

Today is day three on my new healthy lifestyle and I am proud of myself because I have resisted temptation and have not had any fast food. I have made all my meals which saves me money and calories. I am going on a serious plan that will restrict me from fried food and junk food. I know that I have no reason to consume food that does nothing for me but break me out and make my waistline multiply so I am giving it up.

My regime as of right now is as follows:


.Fruit Smoothie
.Boiled Eggs


.Panini or a Healthy Sandwhich of some sort


.Protein & Vegetables


.Trail Mix


.Shake & Go

(No Soda, Alcohol, or Drinks with Calories)

I may have an alcoholic drink once in a blue moon maybe once a month because I do like to go out once in awhile to distress.

Exercise wise I want to go to the gym atleast three times a week for a hour and half or so.

Anywho so that is the plan right now love you all once again Happy New Year

XOXO MissTinaDiva