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12/12 New Years Approaching Weightloss Regroup

New Years Weightloss Regroup

Hey my luvs, I can not believe how close New Years is. Wow it is too close and it is time I get it together so I can prepare and get fitfor B Day June 2013. Yes another Birthday resolution I hope to makie a reality. Starting right now will be a great step in the right direction. Today I went grocery shopping and I picked out healthy meal ideas to eat for the week.Right now is a tuff time for me because I am not feeling at my best because of some of the weight that I gained back. I just want to get back to Onderland and will focus to get back there.

I plan to come back and update my blog later on this week with my work out stats and with pictures of my meals and snacks aswell. As far as what my meals will consist of I plan to have Rasin Brand Crunch Cereal for Breakfast. For Lunch I plan to have Salami and American Cheese sandwhich and for Dinner a Spinach & Beef Mixed Vegetable Mix .As for snacks I will have one Nutrigrain Bar and One Sugar Free Pudding. I bought Sugar Free Shake and Go Drink Mixesand I plan to drinkit  X2 a day along with water.

I am also taking an appetite and weightloss supplement called Hydroxycut Caffine Free diet pills. I plan to take one a day for the week then one everyother a day just to refqain my face from breaking out because I have sensitive skin. I am about trying things to help speed up my weightloss journey right now so I am experimenting. The goal is to take it right before my workouts.

As far as exercise is concerned I plan to workout x6 a week this week at minimum. I plan to workout for atleast 1 hr a day. I will be back at the end of this week to inform you all of my weightloss and week wrap up of what my workouts entailed. I plan to use my Zumba, Kukuwa, and Jillian Michael's DVD's.

I plan to not focus on posting my weight just unti I am back in the 180's which is where I left off before gaining back some of the weight that I gained back. I am on here to be truthful and although I am not to proud of where I am on my weightloss journey I want you all to know I am working on myself and getting back to being the healthy and driven person that I know that I am.

Anywho hope you all have a great week.


Christina said…
Hey Tina ;@), I hope you're well. Continue to be blessed. The best is here, let's take hold of it.

Love you
Christina <3
Christian Hou said…
That’s a great attitude, Tina! Sometimes, staying fit seems to be difficult, because it’s hard to keep track of our routines and eating habits. But with a positive mindset, there’s no doubt you’ll achieve your desired weight and be prepared on your birthday this June. I wish you well, and good to see you back on your routines.

Christian Hou