11/12 New WeightLoss Update/Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

New WeightLoss Updates

Hellooooooooooo my Luvs, oh how I missed you so. Wow it has been forever but life has gotten the best of me. I have fell off on my weightloss journey so bad I can't even explain it. Seriously it is like everytime I get back on track I fall right back off track and it has become a pattern that I have been accustomed to for the last several months. When I started my weigthtloss journey I did not have as much on my plate as I do now but nonetheless I am responsible for my own actions. I can sit here all day and explain to you all what happend but I rather not dwell on it and move on and focus on how I will get back on track. I have lost some weight and and I have gained some weight also, if that makes sense. I am still wearing a size 13/14 but they are really fitted. Sadly I am no longer in Onderland but I am determined to get back to Onderland even if it is the last thing I do. My plan of attack is to go on a serious Low Carb Diet. I also plan to workout 4x a week and bring to you all an update weekly. If you would like daily updates or would like frequent updates on what I am doing the best thing to do is to follow me on Instagram: MissTinaDiva and if you want to know how I am feeling and want to contact me directly send me a DM on Twitter: MissTinaDiva.

I tried using a weightloss and suppressants and each time, I tried it made me breakout so bad so at this point I realized I need to just do it the natural way and take my time because I did it before. Ughhh I just feel so overwhelmed thinking about where I could of been by now but whatever you live and learn.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

I finally got a new computer and that is the reason why I am finally able to blog, I plan to vlog really soon I just need to be camera ready and right now I am not. I live in the NY tri-state area and due to Hurricane Sandy the area I live in was hit severley. As a result I have no electricty or hot water, today makes a week and a day. I have no clue when my power will be restored but things have been overwhelming for my family and I. I barely even have cell phone reception in my area aswell so life is very hectic and I am trying my best to stay positive. As much as I am happy that I finally got my computer situationtogether  now I have no power but I am trying my best to make things work. I literally drove to the nearest town that has power just to use my phone and use free wifi for internet access. I am so serious about coming back and working hard on my weightloss journey because it means so much to me and my happiness not to mention the fact that I can vent and share with you all my emotional journey through the good and bad. Thanks so much for supporting me and loving me unconditionally. As much as I have to remind myself how my journey effects not just me but you all too especially if you all look to me for motivation. I just want you to know that this journey is not easy for me at the moment and everyone deals with things differently and we all fall and that is life. Overcoming challenges is what makes you appreciate things in life and I am so blessed I will stand tall even if I may feel like the odds are against me and so should you. No one is perfect although at times I wish I was but reality sinks in that I have to be real and embrace everything that comes my way whether I like it or not.

I love you all and thank you for your support.

xoxo Tina


Christina said…
Hey Tina good to hear from you ;@). I'm glad you're safe. Weightloss isn't the easiest journey but it's worth every step you're taking in it. Keep going Tina.

Love you,
TinaDiva said…
@christina thx luv and your so right u 2
Anonymous said…
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