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It's Officially Spring- Collective Shoe Haul/Accessory Haul (04/12)

Joyce Leslie- both pair of shoes cost around $15.00

Wet Seal- Sunglasses $4.99, Earrings- buy one get one for one cent. Earrings cost about  $4.99

All shoes were purchased from, from a recent %40 sale. Sandals cost no more than $8.00 after the discounted price, the Leopard shoes cost about $19.99.

Both bags were given to me as a gift 

This particular shoe was purchased from a random shoe store in the city, I forgot the name of the store but it cost roughly $15.

Claires- $4.00 each 

Charlotte Russe- $10.00

Shoes were purchased at Conway and a random shoe store in the city I also forgot the name. Shoes ranged from $4.99 to $7.99

I am done buying any more shoes for now, I think I am all set for both Spring and Summer unless something catches my eye. I can not wait to start rocking these NY weather is bipolar at the moment :( blah!


Girl, I swear you can always find a good shoe deal! Cute!
TinaDiva said…
@Tiki thanks you know I cant resist a good shoe deal