3rd Winter Challenge Weigh In

Hey Luvs, so I am happy to be back to share with you all my weigh in along with my progress this week with trying to get back on track. As you all know I have had a few ups and downs during this challenge so far. With everything else that is going on in my life I am trying to work really hard on staying focused to loose these next 31 lbs to reach my ulitmate goal of 160 lbs. I weighed in this morning weighing 191 lbs. Yay :) I did not get to my target goal of 188 lbs but nonetheless I lost - 3 lbs this week. Two weeks ago I was able to get down to 188 lbs which I was sooooo estatic about but as you all know 2 weeks later I took a break from my weightloss journey and ended up gaining +6 lbs. This week I cut out my usual 100 calorie snacks because I felt inorder to get back on track I needed to cut them out so I wouldn't be tempted to over eat. I had for

.100 Calorie Bagel with 0 calorie butter or light cream cheese

.Chicken and Spinach

.Fruit Smoothie

.Cheese Stick
.Dry Banana pieces

*I drank water, 0 calorie Sparkling Water, and Diet Hot Chocolate.

*As far as exercise is concered I went to the gym twice, worked out to my Zumba DVD once, and on Friday I took a four hour Fitness Class which I will make a seperate blog post about. It was very hard to get back on track but I am happy to have made this week very successful. My goal is to weigh in at 188 lbs next week so I can proceed to accomplishing my mini goal of 180 lbs. By the end of the month I hope to atleast weigh in at 184 lbs to accomplish my - 10 lbs goal.

Hope you all are staying focused and realize we all have good and bad weeks. Do not give up and stay focused on your weight loss goal one small goal at a time. Winter is approaching and rather than hibernating and gaining weight loose weight so that by Spring our bodies can be how we want it to be :)

Tonight is the premiere of Real Housewives of Atl anyone excited like I am ? I will be watching and tweeting so follow me if you haven't I follow back @TinaDivaTV.


Operation6 said…
Congrats on the 3lb loss love, I'm happy for you as I know how hard it is to get back on track. I failed again this week but this post has inspired me to get back to it tomorrow! I will be following you on twitter, follow back :)
Febeh said…
well i weighed in on Saturday.. I didnt lose anything but i lose a lot of inches. Strength training is definitely doing me good. My waist is getting super small but i really want to lose these last 14 pounds and get under 200 pounds..
Fingers crossed i see a change this weekend
TinaDiva said…
@Operation6 "We all fall but we get back up and try again" I have to remind myself of this quote because I have been so hard o n myself especially because I fell off track. We can do it and we need to realize we came a long way and lost a lot of weight so it is ok.

@Febeh wow good job and those inches lost is what makes a difference.You will get there keep it up my fingers are crossed keep me posted I know you will do it.