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MidWeek Update (Getting Back On Track)

 I plan to detox the last week of this month. Right now I am just trying to get back into the swing of things . These last two weeks I have had the biggest sweet tooth ever from cupcakes to cookies smh you name it I had it all lol.  I everything out of my system so it really feels great to start this month off in the right way with a clean slate. It is just really hard in the beginning to get back on track so I literally have to keep reminding myself to not cheat.

I went to the gym yesterday and had a great work out. I feel like my face appears really chunky lately especially because of  these last two "cheat weeks".  Either way I am not giving up, when I weighed 188 lbs two weeks ago I finally saw some what of a difference especially in my face. With the weight gain now I feel that my face looks so big : (  I am trying to stay focused so I can get to my next weight target of 180 lbs. In the mean time I am staying out of the mirror because I get so frustrated everytime I look at myself. I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow after work so if you check out my blog this weekend I will share what I bought. . Hope everyone is having a great week :)


Kylee said…
I'm right there with you girl!! I'm hoping to lose 8lbs this month. I had a rough two days but I'm going to get myself on track tomorrow!
Febeh said…
Girl im hoping by end of November im down 10 pounds. idk whats going on with my body but i havent been losing much weight.. im hoping to get off my plateau and start losing once again.
We can defintely so it.
Just Daisy said…
I'm right there with you and that damn sweet tooth! I snacked hard all of last month and this month I am so ready to start over with a fresh clean slate!

TinaDiva said…
@Kylee you can do it

@Febeh we can do it and because of all of your weight-loss your body is trying to catch up either way you will loose those 8 lbs this month.

@Daisy I am so happy I am not the only one. Yes that sweet tooth can be such a distraction. Brand new month with new beginnings we can do it! Invision your B Day :) I am invisioning a sexy fitted dress as inspiration.