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My 4 Hr Fitness Class Experience

Kickboxing. Zumba. Hi Low Aerobics. African. Strength Training

Hey everyone so this past Friday one of my friends invited me to a 4 Hour Fitness Class. Initially when I heard it was 4 hours I thought that there was no way I could work out for that amount of time in one day but when she told me what each class would entail I decided why not, because I love Hi Energy classes especially Zumba. I really wish I could of recorded my entire experience but being that it was my first time I wanted to just go and see how it was before reporting back to you all. Luckily I found Youtube videos to show you all. My friend's aunt is one of the instructors who teaches one of the classes so that is how she was invited. My friend invited me because she knows how much I am really into Fitness and taking classes aswell. We brought along my twin who is also a dancer and he came out to support us which was great. The class was held at a community center. It was a huge gym where they had all types of art displayed along with a DJ and various Disco and Strobe lights. It really felt like a club scene and it was so fun. The DJ played so many hi intensity songs that kept us moving. There was so many people that came and it was great to see everyone working out and having a good time. In between each class we got a minute to get water. The class was $10 and it's offered once a month so I plan to go every single month, my friend and brother plan to also go. I can not wait to go again, as I am writing this my body is sooooo soar but well worth it. I truly enjoyed each instructor because they were very passionate about their steps and made sure we all were working out to our fullest  potential. I never gave up and I am so happy I got through it. One of my favorite classes was the Zumba class because the instructor was FANTASTIC. Her name is Tara and she is so amazing, seriously if you watch the first video you will see she is the first instructor and her steps are so fun yet hip at the same time.She incorporated Soca, Reggae, and Latin Dancing. She teaches every Saturday at a studio in Long Island but it is a distance from where I live and if I did not have to work I would of made the sacrifice and go. She occasionally has various events where she does teach through out NY so I am open to taking her classes when I can. She recently had a Halloween Zumba Event and from the pictures it looks so fun. If I had known about it I would of went. Next Halloween I will make sure that I go. I also enjoyed my friends aunt's class, she is great and her style is Aerobics/Kickboxing. She teaches every Friday so I plan to take her class every Friday. I just need to get details from my friend where exactly she teaches. If you watch the second video she is the first instructor and her name is Tee Tee. She is so energetic. She was the first instructor who taught our class and she made us run several laps before we started with her class. Overall it was fun and the video will speak for it's self. It was great to have fun and work out. All of the instructors were great. The Kickboxing Instructors were very intense and those were the only times I had to force myself to not give up. Even my brother and friend felt the same way and they are both in shape and are proffesional dancers.

Here is a photo from Tara's Halloween Zumba event from this year I plan to go to next year.

Thats Tara in the Pink Wig.

Thanks for reading my Luvs :)