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What's For Lunch ? (Detox Special) 10/4/11

Hey Luvs, today I wanted to post what I had for Lunch. I am actually posting a picture of my Breakfast and Lunch. I went to the gym this morning and unfortunately I did not get a chance to eat my breakfast. So for Lunch I decided to add my Fruit Smoothie as a dessert along with eating Spinach and Chicken.

Overall you can have these on a regular basis without being on an actual specific  "Detox" plan . I figured since it was "Detox" week it was a good idea to post a picture so you can all have a visual of what I eat.

*Today was the first time that I decided to add one tablespoon of Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt into my "Fruit Smoothie Recipe". You can scroll down to my last few blog posts. I have two specific blog posts in which I explain how I make my Fruit Smoothies. Anyway it came out even more creamier with the Low Fat Yogurt and I really loved it. You all should try it as a meal replacement or even a snack because it is very healthy and filling.