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Goals For The Month of (October)

Hey Luvs, omg I can not believe it is the second day of October already. Ok so as you know every month I make a special blog post  listing the various goals that I would like achieve for the month. So for the month of October I would like to make sure that I work out atleast four times a week. My workout will consist of three days at the gym and one day at home. Tuesday (Bootcamp Class), Thursday (Cycling Class), and Sunday Zumba/Kukuwa Dance Dvd. As far as my eating regime, I will detox the first and third week of this month. Week number two and four I will go back to just eating in healthy moderations. I have been at a stand still with my weight due to my own negligence but I am happy to have maintained my weight and I am still 192 lbs. Last week I worked out as I intended but I fell off track with the detox due to the weekend festivities and because I wanted to treat myself. As you all know I lost -55 lbs specifically on this Summer Weight Loss Challenge which I started in April and I feel that I just needed a small break. For anyone on a weight loss journey remember it is ok to treat yourself now and then just do not make it a regular thing. Through out this journey I have treated myself then got right back on track. I never gave up nor will I because I have to get my first Ultimate goal by the end of the Winter at the latest. So I am officially ready to kick off My Winter Challenge first thing tomorrow 10/3/2011 at 192 lbs. I will start my detox and I will post my official weigh in the following week just because I will weigh in every two weeks now opposed to every week. My target goal at the end of this month is to be 182 lbs (-10 lbs).

Good luck to everyone starting October in a healthy and positive way remember you can do it :)


Kylee said…
Hey girl! I am right there with you with the weight loss goals. I am a new follower :) Keep me motivated!
TinaDiva said…
@Kylee I am following your blog also I am excited to see your progress aswell we can do it :)
Just Daisy said…
I just love your determination girl!

I can't believe how much you inspire me but you do. Your so right about treating yourself deprivation is the first ticket to losing all control.

I wish you the best of luck and I know that we can both reach our monthly goals <33

TinaDiva said…
@daisy thanks and we can do it I really appreciate all the love your the best.