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Blast From The Past #2

 *These photos were taken last year a night out with the girls.Look at how much chunkier my face appeared WOW!

Behind my smile these photos brings me back to a time where I was very depressed. I was very insecure around others due to my weight. I always felt uncomfortable because I was the "Fat Girl". I found comfort in pretending everything was ok but deep down inside everything was a lie.

One thing I can not stress enough during a weight loss journey is taking photos. If I did not take photos of myself to this very day I think I would not even realize that I lost a significant amount of weight. Another reason to take photos is to make yourself aware that if you go back to your old eating habits you will go back to being that unhealthy person that motivated you to loose weight in the first place.

I am fighting for my happiness and so should you. Loosing weight has brought back the happy person that I lost in the process of gaining weight. At my heaviest weight I was very consumed with wanting to be happy but I found pleasure in eating. One day I had enough and here I am fighting to change and I have. The best part is that this is just the beginning :)

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Just Daisy said…
Tine you are so right!

I am not nearly as successful as you yet with my journey but when I look back at pictures of how I used to look it really does make me feel great to know that I decided to make this permanent change.

Every time I feel like giving up or lost, I look at old photos and remember why I want this so bad!

I can see your success, you've done so much to get to your happy.

We will both get it

TinaDiva said…
@Daisy Thanks so much and you lost - 40 lbs and you are still continuing to loose weight. Anyone who is committed to achieving their weight loss goals is very much equal. Your doing awesome I am proud of you :)we have to remind ourselves how far we have came and continue to move forward even if we mess up now and then.