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Blast From The Past #1

These photos were taken last year and I can not believe how big I looked compared to now. I was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! & I looked much older than I actually was. I always felt like the big girl in my group of friends who always happen to be smaller than me. This year I have worked so hard to change that and I am getting there. I am not doing it just for that but it does feel good to feel more confident with taking full body photos :). I was the girl who hated taking full body photos at my heaviest weight. If I took any full body photos know that it was because I was forced lol. I love looking back at old photos of myself because now I get to see how much weight I have lost compared to these old photos. I also love posting older photos of myself to help motivate anyone out there wanting to loose weight also. Although I am not at my goal weight I am happy with the progress that I have made this year. Aside from my Summer Weight Loss Challenge this year alone I have lost -68 lbs :) I have about 32 to maybe 45 lbs to loose so come along with me on this journey. We all can do this together.
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Just Daisy said…
you go girl!

I know the feeling of being the big girl in the group, I'm still that girl but I'm working harder to be someone better then that


TinaDiva said…
@Daisy I am still the big girl in the group also but I agree working on it to be someone better is what we should continue to focus on. We can do it :)
Curliebelle said…
Congrats on all of the progress that you have made! Been there and done that with feeling like the big girl in the group. Great post.
Kylee said…
Congrats girl!! You are so inspiring! Keep up the good work!
TinaDiva said…
@CurlieBelle thanks hun
@Kylee thanks you so much :)