Weightloss Journey Visuals

Hey everyone as many of you may or may not know, I am a visual person and I love to see things in front of me to help me stay on track. I wanted to share one of the most important ways I track my weightloss progress. I created a " Calendar Tracker" and it allows me to be accountable for tracking my progress during my weightloss journey. It also forces me to make sure that I stay on track daily.  Every month I create a new target and I make sure that I fufill it. I also notate my starting weight for the month , weekly goals, and weekly weightloss.  If anyone is a visual person such as myself  I definitely recommend you have one for yourself aswell . This is a Dry Eraser Board that I purchased from Target and it is on my wall in my bedroom and everytime I am in my room it is a constant reminder how serious I am about my weightloss journey.

*Do not pay attention to my horrible handwriting lol