Quick & Easy Tips On How To Avoid Cheating On Your Weightloss Journey

1. Whenever you find yourself hungry after you eat a meal chew on a piece of sugarless /calorie free gum. Seriously this tip works wonders for me.

2.Drink a bottle of water before you eat and after you eat. It will make you feel full and decrease your appetite. I do this for all my meals and I feel full most of the time which helps me stay away from over-snacking.

3.If you do not like drinking water and love juice such as myself as I do, add a shake and go packet that is calorie and sodium free into your water bottle. It is guaranteed for satisfaction. I love these and I drink 2-3 a day. These days there are so many brands and flavors to choose from  and you can get it from your local supermarket or drugstore.

4. When you are eating taking your time. Take slow bites and cut your food into small portions. The slower you eat the better. By the time you are done eating you will feel completely full. I find that this helps because now that I am eating smaller portions I want to enjoy everything.


5. Do not be afraid to treat yourself once a week with one of your favorite foods. Do not make it an all day affair. I say this because if you worked so hard during the entire week, why would you want to ruin it by consuming a day full of foods that may be more then what you actually ate for the entire week. The keys is moderation and not over doing it. Simply have one "Free Meal Cheat Day" per week. For example: Saturday if you decide to go to the local deli and order a "Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich" because you have been craving it know that you can have it. It will substitute your one "Free Meal Cheat Day" of the week and from there you will resume the rest of your meals with moderation as you usually do.

6. Have a food journal and make sure to write everything you eat down. I am so detailed and this helps me be aware of what I am eating. At anytime you can go back and compare why certain weeks you lost more weight then others. Once I take a look of what I am eating daily it helps me avoid cheating. Even if you use your cellphone's notepad write it all down. You can also include your daily activity, weight goals, and weightloss progress. I also enjoy just getting my thoughts across because it helps me deal with getting things off my chest and I acknowledge certain things I may have tried to avoid. I noticed that I was an emotional eater but getting my thoughts across through blogging and journaling allows me to channel my emotions differently.

7. Find inspiration to keep focused and motivated. This motivation will be a constant reminder why you are trying to loose weight in the first place. I am motivated by many success stories of celebrities, youtube gurus, online blogs, and friends.

8. Turn all the negativity in your life into a positive. If you hate what you see, if your depressed, if you were talked about, or if you were turned down by someone you liked just think of what you would like to gain from that situation. It can be strength, confidence, or whatever it is just see the good in the bad and you will get there.

*Well I hope you all try some of these tips just realize that it will work with the right frame of mind. "So think positive and be positive".