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Perception of the Reflection in the Mirror

It is so weird because I feel that I have a love hate relationship with the mirror. Somedays I stare at the "perception of the reflection in the mirror" and love everything I see. Other days I hate what I see. One day I will see a smaller reflection and notice small improvements from my weightloss. Other days I stare at my imperfections discrediting any of my efforts wondering what I saw the day before. I do not know if I am thinking to much or wondering if I am seeing reality. It is to the point I can not bother to stare. I see the numbers on the scale decreasing but the mirror does not reflect that or am I seeing things?. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. It could possibly be the fact that I mentally refuse to acknowledge my progress due to my insecurities.Hmmmmmmmmmm just maybe ? I just wonder.................