End of Month # 1 (Summer 2011 Shape Up Challenge) -16 lbs

Week#4 Complete -16lbs

I can not believe it has been a complete month already. Time really does fly, so I got on the scale this morning and I am down -4 lbs weighing in at 231 lbs. I am happy with my progress. It is a slow and steady process and I am just happy to get closer to my goal week by week. At the start of the month I was 247 lbs and to be 231 lbs today is great. I do not see a huge difference in my appearance but I know the closer I get to 200 lbs the better because I will be able to see a difference then. So to anyone out there do not give up take it a day at a time and in due time the results will show. June 12th is my birthday and I would have loved to reach goal but looks like that won't happen because realistically I can not loose -31 lbs by then so I hope that I can atleast achieve my goal of 10 lbs - 12 lbs minimum bringing me to 219-221 lbs.

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