Exercise Does Not Have to Be Boring

Hey everyone so I am approaching the end of my last week of month one on my weightloss journey. Wow times fly huh? Well I have made it the entire month barely working out as much as I should have. So today I decided to start making time to workout atleast four times a week for 30 minutes for the next month. I am taking baby steps in order to get back into the swing of things.I am Caribbean and I love to dance especially since it is in my blood. Growing up I went to Dance School and studied Jazz,Tap,Ballet,Haitian Folklore,and African. Out of all the dances I enjoyed Haitian Folklore and African the best. I love how unstructured the dances are. You just let your body move and go with it. I also feel the same way about Jamaican Dance. I grew up enjoying reggae and Jamaican dancing through watching videos and going to parties and clubs.I more or less am self taught and just follow what I see and make it my own that is what being a dancer is all about. So not to long ago I was on the internet on a hunt for some sort of Caribbean Workout Dvd just because I feel that I would gain more out of it working out. I do not even feel like I am working out when I am dancing and that is why I desperately needed to find a DVD Workout with some sort of Caribbean Dance Concept.I ended up on Youtube and watched a video that had a clip of a group of people dancing to Soca Music. The dance steps had a mixture of African Dance, Merenga, and many Caribbean style dance steps. I was instantly sold and purchased the dvd. I absolutely love it is so fun and you workout all body parts. The dvd has three levels; thirty-minute Kirango workout, the forty-five minute Kananga workout, and the sixty-minute Konungu workout. I am taking my time with the thirty minute workout for the month so that I can get comfortable with it until I am ready to try the next level. The instructor is full of energy and so are her dancers and it is really easy to follow once you get the hang of things. If you love to dance I highly suggest this to anyone. I ordered it from ebay for $15.00.

Here is a preview of the workout