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When Others Bring You Down.... Lift Yourself Back Up

I just feel the need to get a few things off my chest. Okay so here I go......... Well I am upset that I have people in my life that I let bring me down. I do not even know why I allow it. I just feel fed up with the toxicity that is surrounding me. I want to live life happily and I feel the only way to do that is by distancing myself from those who bring nothing but negativity and drama in my life. I can sit here and write a long blog about what exactly is bothering me but giving those people the satisfaction is not even worth it to me.Everything is a learning lesson in life. The only thing I can do is just move on from this situation with a better outlook on things and live my life. If you are going through the same thing just let it go move on and remember distance is key. I need to work on having a tougher skin because I know I can wear my feelings on my sleeves and that makes it easier for people to get to me. So it is best we take control of the bad in our life and turn it into something new. If you know who you are there is no need to prove it to those who will never understand. It is like fighting someone who can not fight. The fact is they will never win because you have the upper hand. The upper hand is your confidence and identity to know who you are. Love and embrace yourself and do not let anyone bring you down. Everything may seem like a turn for the worst but in due time there will be a bigger picture that involves all the things you yearn for.

Lastly to those who do not appreciate good things when they are right in front of you there is a thing called Karma, that will make you wish and want the time that was wasted with your negativity, Good people deserve good people and one day that special someone will wake up and you then will wish you can turn back time but guess what it is just too late.

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