Do Not Let The Devil Bring You Down!

I am fighting real hard because I have someone in my life who has always made me feel as if I was nothing. This person has always compared me to others, put me down, made me feel worthless, and always pointed out the negative in me rather then the positive. I feel like a victim to their negativity. I know at the end of the day words are just words but I admit they hurt. They cut so deep that tears often consume me. I know I am strong person and I put off this tuff exterior and the fact is I do not understand how can I let this one person in my life get the best of me. I refuse to go on living life even considering anything they have to say about me as true because it is not. I know who I am and that is beautiful, talented, and compassionate. I know I need to uplift and empower myself more then I currently do. The fact is I do not give myself any credit and I should. I have many talents and positive attributes. Why is that everyone else sees what they are but this one person. This person drowns themselves in their own sorrow and releases them on me because they want to bring me down. It won't happen again because I am going to make a change in my life to show and prove I am more of what they think of me and I do not need them in my life. I am tired of living a lie of this picture perfect relationship, it is not real. I am tired of being manipulated. Like Donna Summers sang in her hit song I will Survive and that I will. Tomorrow marks a new day and I am going to make a check list on the things I want accomplish to get myself where I need to so that I could rid myself from this person's negative aurora. I will get there and make it possible even if it is the last thing I do. I know I have been sleeping but it is time for me to wake up and take control of my life so that I can live happily.

Be Empowered & Conquer The Impossible :)