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Tina's Beauty Corner: Aliexpress Haul 6/2017 (Luxury On A Budget)

Hey everyone so I am back today with a haul showing you things that I have purchased on aliexpress. Everything is budget friendly and dupes to many major name brands. These items are replicas and clearly not the real thing but for the price who cares right ? I have provided links for you all so get it while you can because these items go quick. Everything was purchased with my own money fyi. I love these items and wanted to share hope you all enjoy.

The clothing pieces were purchased in a size medium and very true to size.

Chanel Sweatshirt:$11.54

Balenciago (Ballinciaga) Sweatsuit: $12.99

Vogue Sweatshirt: $8.98

Tomford T Shirt Dress: $16.12

Velvet Mini Backpack: $9.90

Addidas Sweatsuit: $11.00

Rhinestone Chocker: $3.91

Moschino Braclet: $9.10