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2014 New Weight Loss Challenge YT Vlog Updates PT #2

Hey everyone so I am on my new weight loss challenge and wanted to keep you all updated with the latest videos I recorded. I basically just state in the videos that I am starting all over again and plan to be more active so I can stay on track so stay tuned because  I will make a special blog post talking about how I am feeling  with my challenges and  frame of mind etc. I find that as I am embarking on this journey all over again taking a look at my old videos, posts, and picture's it does help me a lot but one thing I wanted to work on is blogging content because I noticed that I didn't really express through words in detail how I felt and how I coped with staying strong during the journey. I know that at this point it feels like everything is new to me and I need a little bit of reassurance. I say that because I  feel that being that  I am in my first phase of my weight loss journey I have nothing to reference through words how to over come this stage until I get to the stage that I see results. It feels just like yesterday I hit a huge mile stone in my life and I was so happy, confident, and so forth. This time around I am not trying to go back to that depression phase because clearly I have gained all the weight I lost and I am back at square one. I am trying to stay positive, love myself, and still do things to make me feel happy. I do feel that I am doing good at that and I can do better but one step at a time right?. I am battling these inner food demons so I can have a healthy relationship with food and fitness. This will be a constant battle of my life so it's something I  must overcome. I am a work in progress and I know I can over come this, not just for me but for many people out there who are  like me who use food for comfort and make bad food decisions.
Stay Tuned my loves we can get through this .
XOXO MissTinaDiva