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03/12 Weight Loss Update/Accomplishments (I Lost Over 70 + lbs))

Watch for details :)

Hey Luvs, I just really wanted to tell you all that I miss you and thank you  for all of your support because it truly means alot to me. Although I do not post  as much as I used to when I first started my weight loss journey, I still wanted to let you all know I am still thinking about you all. Fact is I am still fighting through to make my dreams a reality. As you all know I have lost a tremendous amount of weight but the closer I approach my ultimate weight loss goal is the harder I find it is to loose weight and stay on track. The constant up and downs is where I struggle, but I refuse to give up. Going from 260 lbs to now in the 180's ( Over 70 +  lbs Lost) there is no denying how far I have come but I never seem to give myself as much credit as I know I should. This journey takes a lot out of me and I find myself overwhelmed with thoughts of weight loss, the scale, how I look and the list can go on and on. I feel haunted by what I eat, how much of it I eat, and at times it seems a blur. This is the price one must face when loosing weight or wanting to maintain weight. I have come very far and will continue to do so and there is nothing I can not handle so if you are feeling the same way just realize their is a light at the end of the tunnel. The great news is I am continuing to loose inches and my face is getting smaller and progress is better then no progress so I will take it. My plan is to continue working hard and I hope to get to 180 lbs in the next few weeks. From that point I would like to focus on my next mini goal of 170 lbs. Once I get to 180 lbs I plan to explain in detail what I have been doing from food, exercise, etc so stay tuned. Mwahhhhhhh

Enjoy the video :)